Bookings Ad Spend Revenue Produced
225 $14,599.71 $225,000+

Houston Photographer Case Study







Working in the photography niche is an interesting one, but we pulled off some incredible results with a fairly small advertising budget.

Why is it different than other niches?

Unlike Real Estate or Dentistry where you probably need a house eventually…or need your teeth to be worked on, photography isn’t a “necessity” service.

Our team had to get creative with our ad copy and our creatives to find the right angles to generate a result.

Our success wasn’t solely reliant upon on our ability to drive new inquiries, but SHINEon Boudoir’s team and their ability to provide a solid product and close the lead.

So far we’ve both loved the return on the investment and look forward to growing their company more!

*All sessions are 1k Minimum with the average sale normally being higher.

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