Liposuction Inquiries Advertising Spend Timeframe
1,600+ $21,000 May 2019 – Aug 2020

Liposuction Inquiries


Advertising Spend


Plastic Surgeon Case Study

Over the last 16 months we’ve been achieving some incredible results for one of our clients who is a plastic surgeon.

In fact, we’re generating inquiries at lower cost than most of the other niches we work in.

The majority of their liposuction inquiries are usually coming in between $5-$30/inquiry.

All of these inquiries are sent directly to their team:

  • All Contact Information
  • How soon their want their liposuction
  • When they want to be contacted by the staff
  • If they need help with financing options

We’ve also been very pleased with our average over the last 16 months which comes out to 101.3 inquires/month.

Our lowest month was June 2019 at 54 inquiries and our highest month was April 2020 at 141 inquiries for the month. (The advertising budget stayed the same for both months)

As noted in the chart and table below the last few months of inquiries dropped off partly due to reallocating part of the advertising budget to breast implants instead of liposuction.

May 2019 - August 2020

Month Results
May 2019 87
June 2019 54
July 2019 77
August 2019 140
September 2019 55
October 2019 133
November 2019 104
December 2019 86
January 2020 100
February 2020 122
March 2020 138
April 2020 141
May 2020 97
June 2020 130
July 2020 90
August 2020 66

Looking to Grow your Plastic Surgeon Practice?

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Billboards, magazines, yellow pages and newspapers just don’t seem to produce the same results with the same budget.

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