Realtor Case Study

Between late 2019 and early 2020 we had great success with generating new inquiries for homes around the nation.

Two of our clients specifically (Between the Omaha and Houston markets) did fairly well with a relatively small advertising budget.

By the clients request, most of our focus was around generating leads that were interested in buying a home between the 150k-350k range.

Also regardless of the location around the nation, we found our average cost per lead came in around $5-$10/lead.

A few of our campaign results below:

Location Leads Ad Spend
Omaha 212 $1091.33
Location Leads Ad Spend
Houston 312 $1449.82

Our secondary test we did for our realtor in Houston involved our Chatbot chat system.

It’s one of our favorite methods to use because it allows our clients to be immediately and directly be connected with the end user.

In addition, the cost to acquire that conversation was closer to 89 cents per connection made and our client doesn’t have to worry about a bad phone number or email.

Location Chatbots Ad Spend
Houston 601 $538.24

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